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De Newtonian Attractione

Appel d'un Chrétien aux gens de lettres

by Guillaume de Félice

Full title Appel d'un Chrétien aux gens de lettres

"A Christian's call to the men of letters"

Date 1841, 1835, Dutch translation 1842, German translation 1843
  • L. R. Delay, Paris & J.Smith
  • G. Portielje, Amsterdam,
  • Oehmigke Buchhaus, Berlin
About 243 pages, translation 154 pages. Originally priced at 1 Franc 50 cents.

Aimed at writers and journalists, that since they were in a position of power, that they ought to write with a sense of higher morality, and that they could draw this from the Protestant faith. One of GdF's most well received works.

Translated into Dutch as "Beroep van een Christen, aan de letterkundigen onzer dagen gerigt"

Translated into German as "Zuruf eines Christen an die Schriftsteller des französischen Volkes : Ein Spiegel auch für die Deutsche Schriftstellerwelt ;" by Karl Dielitz, with a foreword by by Julius Eduard Hitzig.

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