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De Newtonian Attractione

Avertissement aux églises réformées de France contre l'universalisme

by Guillaume de Félice

Full title

 Avertissement aux églises réformées de France contre l'universalisme: discours prononcé dans le temple de Toulouse, le 25 juin 1840

"A Warning to the Reformed Churches of France against universalism"
Date 1840, 1841
Publisher K. Cadaux, Toulouse (both editions)
About 61 pages in the first edition and 142 in the second edition, though the Feuille Religieuse (see below) cites it as having 104.

His first published work when at Montauban. This was a sermon given in the Temple of Toulouse on the 25th June 1840.

It warned against the "dangerous complacency" of the concept of Universal Reconciliation, which upholds the idea that there is no such thing as hell, and that all souls will travel to heaven regardless of their past lives. Somewhat contraversial.

The second edition is described as being "much more modern".

Copies in existence
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Reviews 1841, Feuille Religieuse du Canton du Vaud

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