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De Newtonian Attractione

De la religion chrétienne dans ses rapports avec la situation présente de l'Europe

by Guillaume de Félice

Full title "De la religion chrétienne dans ses rapports avec la situation présente de l'Europe"

aka "Réflexions sur les rapports de la religion chrétienne avec notre situation présente"

"On Christianity in its relation to the present state of Europe"

Date 1831, German translation in 1831 and 1834
  • Société Evangélique Geneva,
  • Haller, Bern
  • 1831 German translation published by Cotta of Munich
  • 1834 German translation published by Duncker und Humblot, Berlin
About His first work after having been appointed Pastor in Bolbec.

Originally an article titled "De la religion chrétienne dans ses rapports avec notre situation présente" in the Feburary and June 1831 editions of Archives du christianisme.

Described in the Monthly Review (see below) as being a "very good and well-written pamphlet on an interesting subject. Its general spirit is earnest and zealous without any fanaticism"

Translated into German in 1831 as "Über die christliche Religion in ihren Beziehungen zu unserer gegenwärtigen Lage" and again into German by H. Hilliger in 1834 as "Betrachtungen über die Verhältnisse der christlichen Religion zur gegenwärtigen Lage Frankreichs". Preface, noted and editing by Carl, Graf von Bruhl.

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