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Émancipation immédiate et complète des esclaves: appel aux abolitionistes

by Guillaume de Félice

Full title Émancipation immédiate et complète des esclaves: appel aux abolitionistes"

"The immediate and complete emancipation of slaves: An appeal to abolitionists"

Date 1846 (late spring)
Publisher L.R.Delay, Paris
About 114 page booklet, originally priced at 1 Franc.

An "immediatist" pamphlet requested by British Abolitionists. GdF agreed on the need in France for an active campaigner to “speak, write, agitate opinion, press the men in power, hold assemblies and provoke petitions”. Unfortunately at the time he was obliged to decline the offer of becoming a full time abolitionist due to his heavy teaching duties at the Faculty in Montauban.

It requested petitions to be signed against slavery, especially by women. The results in 1847 were 11,000 signatures from both Catholics and Protestants (including 86 Pastors) being handed to the Assemblée Nationale. Following this, slavery was abolished in 1848.

Quoted in practically all academic works on (French) abolitionism.

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