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De Newtonian Attractione

Essai sur l'esprit et le but de l'Institution Biblique

by Guillaume de Félice

Full title Essai sur l'esprit et le but de l'Institution Biblique

"Essay on the spirit and purpose of the Biblical Institution" / "Försök öfver bibelsällskaps-inrättningens anda och ändamål"

Date Originally 1824, Swedish Translation of 1825 (and 1842?)
Publisher Treuttel et Würtz (Paris and Strasbourg), as well as P.A. Norstedt & Söner, Stockholm
About 344 Pages. Originally 5 or sometimes 6 Francs for the paper edition, vellum and Satin bindings for 12 francs.

GdF's first real recognition in the outside world of academia, the prize-winning entry for a competition on a dissertation “Sur l'esprit et le but de l'Institution”, commissioned by the Committee of the Protestant Bible Society of Paris from their general meeting of April 16, 1823.

Coquerel describes it: “This is not a mere academic note, but a complete and very remarkable book. I do not know anything better written on the great and important question of Bible societies… I have followed Mr. Félice with the greatest interest, in his historical and moral discussions on the political influence of the Holy Books.”

Swedish translation: Försök öfver bibelsällskaps-inrättningens anda och ändamål, Stockholm : P.A. Norstedt & Söner, 1842. (2 uppl.)

Partly quoted in "La Bible en France" by Olliff

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