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De Newtonian Attractione

Histoire des protestants de France

by Guillaume de Félice

Full title
Histoire des protestants de France: depuis l'origine de la Réformation jusqu'au temps présent

"History of French Protestants: from the Reformation to today" / "Geschichte der protestanten Frankreichs seit dem Anfang der Reformation bis zur Gegenwart" / "Geschiedenis der Protestanten in Frankrijk"

Date 1850 (8 Editions total plus 5 translations into 3 other languages)
  • 1st Ed.: 1850
  • 2nd Ed.: 1851 Paris : J. Cherbuliez : Ducloux : Grassart (Revised and corrected)
    • 1851 Lobdell Translation: Edward Walker, New York
    • 1853 Barnes Translation: George Routledge & Co. (London)
    • 1853 Piccarst Translation: Schiedam : Roelants
    • 1855 Fleischer Translation: Leipzig
    • 1855 Pabst Translation: Leipzig
  • 3rd Ed.: 1856 Paris, J. Cherbuliez (Revised and updated)
  • 4th Ed.: 1861 Paris: J.Cherbuliez : Meyrueis : Grassart
  • 5th Ed.: 1873 - Soc. des Livres Religieux
  • 6th Ed.: 1874 (with François Bonifas)
  • 7th Ed.: 1880 (continued after 1861 to present day by François Bonifas), Sandoz, Paris
  • 8th Ed.: 1895 - Toulouse, Société des livres religieux
About GdF's most famous work. A large tome on the history of Protestantism and its most notable figures.

655 Pages - 4th edition 694 pages, 6th Edition 819 pages, 8th edition 711 pages

Second edition translated into English by Henry Lobdell MD (New York) into English, 624pp, again by Philip Edward Barnes Esq, BA, FLS. Also translated into Dutch as Geschiedenis der Protestanten in Frankrijk, by R A S Piccarst, and later in German as "Geschichte der protestanten Frankreichs seit dem Anfang der Reformation bis zur Gegenwart" by Friedrich Fleischer. Translated again as "Gesischte der Protestanten Fransreiche seitdem Unfang der Reformation bis zur Gegen [ivart?]" by Dr R Eh Pabst.

Copies in existence Widely available from antiquarian booksellers.
  • 1st Edition in the De Félice Collection.
  • Another 1st Edition (cover only)
  • 4th Edition (cover only)
  • 6th Edition (cover only)

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