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De Newtonian Attractione

La voix du Colporteur Biblique

by Guillaume de Félice

Full title La voix du Colporteur Biblique

"The voice of the bible hawker"

Date 1845
  • 1st Ed, 1845 Jean A. Ackley & The American Tract Society, 150 Nassau Street, New York
  • 2nd Ed, 1846, L.R.Delay, Paris
  • 1847 English translation, Simpkin and Marshall, London
  • 3rd, 1860, Société des Livres Religieux, Toulouse
About 280 Pages, originally priced at 75 cents. Translation priced at 2 Shillings and 6 pence.

The Courtois brother's printing press "Société des livres religieux à Toulouse" held a competition in 1845, in which 12000 Francs ( £50 )were offered for the best composition in the subject “The duty of reading the Bible”. Seven manuscripts were sent in, “among that of M. G. de Felice [sic], the able and pious professor of the Protestant College at Montauban was successful”.

The book is to "present a summary of what a pious and intelligent Colporteur would say, to induce persons either to buy a Bible, or to read it in a proper spirit, or finally, to dispose those whom he addresses to distribute it around them."

Described in the "Continental echo and Protestant witness" of 1845 as an "admirable treatise".

Described in the Churchman's Monthly review as "interesting and weighty."

Translated into English in 150 pages as "The voice of the Bible Hawker" in 1847 by the Rev. Charles William Bingham MA

Copies in existence

A copy of the translation is in the process of being procured by the curator as of 16/1/09.

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